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  • solvent-free
  • fibre-reinforced
  • crack bridging

Two-component, solvent-free, fibre-reinforced, crack-bridging, plastic-tempered bitumen cover coating. The two-component sealing product tested in accordance with EN 15814 consists of a liquid and a power component. Indoors and outdoors for manual production of permanent, flexible seals of structures in contact
with the ground, for use on horizontal and vertical areas. For adhesion of perimeter insulation panels on bituminous and mineral substrates in contact with the ground.


Ground moisture approx. 4.5 kg/m² non-standing water = approx. 5.4 wet layer thickness = approx. 3.1 mm dry layer thickness standing water approx. 6.0 kg/m² = approx. 6.0 mm wet layer thickness = approx. 4.4 mm dry layer thickness