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  • feltable filler
  • for contraction-free layer thicknesses of 2-40 mm
  • can be applied directly to concrete
  • for efficient filling

Felt rough filler DURAPID XL 25 is a high-quality tempered powdery filler or a plastic-tempered thin layer plaster based on gypsum for manual processing. The filler can be mixed absolutely lump-free and forms a mass which is excellent to process. This allows contraction-free area fillings up to a layer thickness of 2-40 mm to be carried out. The filled area can be wetfelted
after approx. 60-70 minutes in order to avoid later grinding working. Filler and thin plaster for manual processing in all interior rooms with normal air humidity including domestic
wet rooms, such as kitchens and baths. For full surface and contraction-free filling of. Ideal for direct processing on standard substrates made from concrete.


approx. 0.8 kg/m² per mm of layer thickness