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  • special needled fleece
  • especially for the Special Seal WD 1K
  • for creating a fleece-reinforced seal
  • available in various widths
  • prefabricated shaped parts in the system

The Murexin Needle Fleece NV 110 is a 110 gram/m² fleece developed especially for the Special Seal Murexin WD 1K. It is used for the production of a reinforced sealing membrane, for layer thickness control and crack bridging. A special manufacturing process enables the Needle Fleece NV 110, inimitably, to be completely impregnated with the Special Sealing Resin WD 1K, thus enabling the reliable production of a sealing membrane. The special needling of the fleece also has an extremely advantageous effect on a crease and bubble-free installation of the needle fleece into the Special Seal WD 1K.