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Rolled and crimped steel wire with end anchoring. Increase of tensile, bending, fatigue, early strength and tear strength, reduction of shrink deformation, omission of cleaning layer, construction time reduction by saving the mat laying times, enlarging the joint gap, installation directly from the truck mixer.
For structural reinforcement of concrete prefabricated parts, thin-walled components and delicate components.


approx. 20 - 35 kg/m³ of concrete - depending on static requirements Length: 34 mm or 50 mm Cross-section: 1.3 mm L/D ratio: 50 Profile depth: 1 mm Number of fibres/kg: approx. 2,200 or approx. 1,500 Material: steel grade ßZ > 1000 N/mm² Cross section tolerance: 5.0 % Profile change: n = 8 Profile width: 2.2 mm